Best Wi-Fi 6E Routers of 2022: The Cutting Edge List

Since early 2021, Wi-Fi 6E hardware has grown like (expensive) mushrooms after rain. This post only includes the best Wi-Fi 6E routers you can get today.

Some of those mentioned here can work as a member of a mesh Wi-Fi system, but they are here primarily because they work well as the sole Wi-Fi broadcaster in a home — in many cases, one is enough.

Not all Wi-Fi 6E routers on the market make it here. This list only includes those I’d use for myself. By the way, if you want to keep your existing (Wi-Fi 6 or older) router, the lower part of this page will give you a couple of options to upgrade your network to Wi-Fi 6E.

Dong’s note: I first published this frequently-revised post on May 17, 2021. Originally it included Wi-Fi 6E mesh systems. Starting December 17, 2022, this list only consists of standalone routers.

Wi-Fi 6E Routers
Wi-Fi 6E routers come in all shapes and sizes.

Hint: If you’re short on time, the Table of Content below will come in handy — you can jump back and forth between different hardware instantly.

Best Wi-Fi 6E routers of 2022: The list

This list includes standalone routers and is sorted in the review order. The numbers are just numerical and not meant to be the ranking.

8. Asus RT-AXE7800: A Wi-Fi 6E router that makes sense

(If you didn’t read the intro, this is the latest member on this list — the number is only numerical, not the ranking.)

Asus RT AXE7800 Router Top Front
Best Wi-Fi 6E Routers of 2022: The Asus RT AXE7800 is a relatively compact router that packs a bunch.

The RT-AXE7800 is the lesser version of the GT-AXE11000 (below) and definitely is much inferior to the GT-AXE16000 (also below.)

But it has one thing going for itself: It’s compact and practical. On top of that, the performance is quite excellent. And the friendly price tag doesn’t hurt.


Excellent performance with tons of network settings with an excellent feature set, free online protection, and Parental Controls

AiMesh 2.0 support with Mult-Gig wired backhauling as a satellite

Super-flexible network ports for Dual-WAN and LAN/WAN Link Aggregations

Compact and practical design; relatively affordable

7. TP-Link Archer AXE300: TP-Link’s best router to date

The TP-Link AXE300 Wi-Fi 6E Quad-band router looks the part
Best Wi-Fi 6E Routers of 2022: The TP-Link AXE300 Wi-Fi 6E Quad-band router looks the part.

With uncompromising specs, the TP-Link Archer AXE300 has (almost) everything a home user would look for in a standalone home router.

Its only shortcoming compared to the Asus GT-AXE1600 below is that TP-Link’s OneMesh approach has no option for Multi-Gig wired backhauling.

Looking for a single Wi-FI broadcaster? You won’t go wrong with this one.


Top-tier hardware with excellent performance; three flexible Multi-Gig ports and LAN Link Aggregation support

Robust web user interface; lots of network and Wi-Fi settings and a handful of valuable features for home users

Comparatively cheaper than competitors

Wall-mountable; useful optional mobile app; OneMesh-ready


No option for Gigabit WAN, Dual-WAN, or fast mesh with wired backhauling

HomeShield Pro requires a subscription, mobile app, and login account

Bulky design, the USB port’s performance could be better

6. TP-Link Archer AXE75: Wi-Fi 6E meets affordability

TP-Link Archer AXE75 Wi Fi 6E Router Antennas
Best Wi-Fi 6E Routers of 2022: The TP-Link Archer AXE75 looks like a typical Wi-Fi router.

That’s right! The Archer AXE75 is the first standalone router from TP-Link, and it’s also the first that costs less than $200 (before taxes.) To put things in perspective, it’s half the cost of the “good-deal” Netgear RAXE300 below.

In return, it’s also one of the least impressive hardware and has no Multi-Gig port. In testing, though, it proved to be fast and reliable enough for most homes with sub-Gigabit broadband.


Fast Wi-Fi performance; good range, affordable

Wi-Fi 6E support, 160MHz channel width on both 5GHz and 6GHz bands

Standard web interface with lots of useful settings, including Dynamic DNS-based remote management

Support Time Machine backup vis USB storage, wall-mountable, OneMesh-ready


Middling Wi-Fi specs, no Multi-Gig port

Mobile app and login account required for Parental Control, QoS, and online protection

Write performance for network storage when hosting a portable drive could be better

5. Netgear Nighthawk RAXE300: Netgear’s “good-deal” Wi-Fi 6E router

Netgear RAXE300 Nighthawk Wi Fi 6E router
Best Wi-Fi 6E Routers of 2022: Netgear RAXE300 Nighthawk Wi-Fi 6E router


Wi-Fi 6E-ready with excellent performance

Flexible 2.5Gbps LAN/WAN port, USB-C

Robust web interface, helpful (optional) mobile app

Cool fanless, wall-mountable design


Middling 6GHz specs, no standard Remote Management via Dynamic DNS

No 10Gbps port, only one 2.5Gbps port; not-well-thought-out Wi-Fi on/off button

Limited Wi-Fi settings and online protection/Parental Controls require a mobile app and subscription

Mediocre NAS performance when hosting a portable SSD; 100-120V power adapter

4. Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000: The ultimate Wi-Fi router

Asus GT-AXE16000 Quad-band Wi-Fi 6E Router
Best Wi-Fi 6E Routers of 2022: The Asus GT-AXE16000 Quad-band Wi-Fi 6E router has everything you’d want.

The Asus GT-AXE16000 is the 2nd Quad-band Wi-Fi broadcaster besides the Netgear Orbi RBRE960 (below). It has everything any user would want — as a standalone router or an AiMesh member.

It’s a safe buy as long as you can afford it. And that’s a big if.


Powerful hardware, Quad-band with Wi-Fi 6E support, three Multi-Gig ports (one 2.5Gbps and two 10Gbps)

Stellar performance throughout

Excellent set of game-related, online protection and monitoring features, full AiMesh 2.0 support

Unmatched port flexibility, including interchangeable WAN, Dual-WAN, and LAN/WAN Link Aggregations

Beautiful ROG Aura lighting


Expensive, 10Gbps ports’ sustained rates and NAS performance (when hosting a storage device) could be better

Awkward backhaul band design in a wireless AiMesh setup, no UNII4 (5.9GHz) support, no SFP+

Bulky design, not wall-mountable

3. Linksys MR7500: A decent Wi-Fi 6E router

Linksys MR7500 AXE6600 Hydra Pro 6E  Wi-Fi 6E router Routers Package Content
Best Wi-Fi 6E Routers of 2022: The Linksys MR7500 AXE6600 Hydra Pro 6E router

The Linksys MR7500 is the third Wi-Fi 6E router on the market, and the third time is not necessarily the charm in this case.

The new router looks a bit subdued in design — it’s sort of mundane looking. Its hardware specs are also relatively modest compared with the first two.

It’s a router that bets a bit too big on Wi-Fi 6E, making it less useful for the mainstream market.


Simple design with 5Gbps WAN port

Robust web interface, helpful (optional) mobile app


6GHz band requires Gig+ or faster Internet to be useful

Slow 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands

Limited Wi-Fi settings, mobile app coercion

No Multi-Gig LAN port, Dual-WAN or Link Aggregation

Buggy and slow NAS performance when hosting a storage device

2. Netgear RAXE500: A formidable contender

The Netgear RAXE500 is likely one of the best Wi-Fi 6E routers
Best Wi-Fi 6E Routers of 2022: The Netgear RAXE500 Wi-Fi 6E router

The Netgear RAXE500 is the second Wi-Fi 6E router on the market, and it’s the natural rival of the GT-AXE11000 below.

But within Netgear’s ecosystem, this one is quite familiar — it’s the 6E version of the tri-band RAX200.

Among other things, you’ll love the design. As such, it’s one of the most awesome-looking Wi-Fi broadcasters on the market. That’s if you can stomach the $600 price tag.


Collectively excellent Wi-Fi speeds and range

2.5Gbps LAN/WAN port, Dual-WAN, and LAN/WAN Link Aggregations

Robust web interface, helpful (optional) mobile app

Fast network-attached storage when hosting a storage device


Wi-Fi 6E is still in the early stage

No 10Gbps port, only one 2.5Gbps port

Limited Wi-Fi settings, no built-in QoS or Parental Controls

Online protection requires a subscription

Internal fan, a bit buggy (at launch)

1. Asus GT-AXE11000: The very first Wi-Fi 6E router

(In case you didn’t read the intro: This is the oldest member on this list — the number is only numerical, not the ranking.)

Asus GT-AXE11000 Router
Best Wi-Fi 6E Routers of 2022: The Asus GT-AXE11000 is the very first Wi-Fi 6E router on the market.

The Asus GT-AXE11000 is the very first home router to sport the all-new Wi-Fi 6E standard.

For the most part, this new router is a variant of the GT-AX11000. The two share the same design, ports, and processing power. The GT-AXE11000, however, uses a 6GHz band instead of the 5GHz-2 band.

And that makes all the difference. Oh, it’s also the most expensive router from Asus, costing $550 apiece. That’s if you’re lucky to find one right now at that price.


Tri-band with Wi-Fi 6E support

Excellent 5GHz and 2.4GHz performance

Excellent set of game-related, online protection and monitoring features, full AiMesh 2.0 support

2.5Gbps LAN/WAN port, Dual-WAN, and LAN/WAN Link Aggregations


Wi-Fi 6E is not fully available

Only one 2.5Gbps port, no 10Gbps port

Bulky design, not wall-mountable, buggy firmware (at launch)

UPGRADE your network to Wi-Fi 6E: It’s now possible

It’s pretty straightforward to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6E.

For a client, you only have to upgrade its Wi-Fi adapter, which is possible on Windows computers. Most new smartphones and laptops are now equipped with this Wi-Fi standard.

For a network, it’s about adding a Wi-Fi 6E access point, just like you do any standard access point. And for that, there are now two options.

2. ZyXel NWA220AX-6E: An odd standard access point

ZyXel NWA220AX-6E 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6E Dual Radio PoE Access Point
The ZyXel NWA220AX-6E looks like a standard PoE access point.

The ZyXel NWA220AX-6E is supposed to be a standard access point with three bands, including 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz.

However, you can use only the 5GHz or the 6GHz at a time. Consequently, it only works well when you already have an existing Wi-Fi 6 (or 5) network and want to add 6GHz to it.

That said, it makes a great Wi-Fi 6E upgrade device.


Reliable performance, good coverage

2.5 Gbps PoE network port, extra Gigabit port

Nice design, ready to mount

Local web interface with tons of customization


Only 6GHz or 5GHz is available at a time; no power adapter or PoE injector is included.

Sustained Wi-Fi throughputs could use some improvement

Overwhelming amount of settings for home users; a Nebula login account is required for mesh function and remote management

1. ARRIS SURFboard W6U: The easy way to upgrade your router to Wi-Fi 6E

The ARRIS SURFboard W6U is not a router. It’s an access point. Unlike any other access point you’ve seen, it’s the first that solely supports the 6GHz band — the hallmark of Wi-Fi 6E.

Consequently, it’s uniquely an excellent device when you want to upgrade your existing Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 5 router to Wi-Fi 6E.


Fast and reliable 6GHz performance

Quickly adds top-tier Wi-Fi 6E to any existing Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 5 network

2.5Gbps Multi-Gig port, compact design

Standard local web user interface, optional mobile app


No 2.4GHz, 5GHz, or PoE support;

Not yet supported by the mobile app (at the review)

A bit pricey, no Guest Wi-Fi network, no media bridge role, not supporting 240V power outlets

Best Wi-Fi 6E routers of 2022: The performance chart and the takeaway

I tested Wi-Fi 6E routers the way I do all routers. For the 6GHz band testing, I use a couple of laptops running the Intel AX210 Wi-Fi chip with the latest official Windows 11 driver and a few 6E-ready smartphones.

The charts below are the scores of the routers mentioned above, in alphabetical order for easy viewing.

Best Wi Fi 6E Routers Long Range PerformanceBest Wi Fi 6E Routers Close Range Performance
Best Wi-Fi 6E routers of 2022: Wi-Fi performance

Considering the fast speed but short range of the new 6GHz band, Wi-Fi 6E is an exciting addition to the existing 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands — it’s not a replacement for either.

But the new band is excellent for those living in an airy home or have clients close to the broadcaster. If you have a couple of 6GHz clients, it’s worth investing in a Wi-Fi 6E router, though that’s not a must.

Jennifer R. Kelley

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