It’s the end of the year, and time we reflect aloud on our personal highs and lows. My 2022 has been, well, interesting. On the one hand, it’s like a lingering cold that won’t go away, figuratively and literally. On the other, it made us stronger. And we managed to […]

Very first, I’m not a big admirer of New Year’s resolutions. It appears to me we need to increase ourselves all yr, not just on January 1. Human mother nature remaining what it is, my health and fitness center will be extra than crowded in January but will skinny out […]

A Canadian mining firm has acknowledged becoming hit with a ransomware assault soon after concluding a offer really worth $230 million for the sale of an exploration website in Australia. Vancouver-primarily based Copper Mountain Mining Corp. said Thursday its IT units experienced a ransomware attack on December 27th. That was […]

Squeezing much more (performance) into considerably less (items and space) has been a important concept in home appliances the past several decades, and LG will be driving that multi-tasking wave all over again at January’s CES 2023 with a jam-packed zone of practical new house items for kitchen, laundry, and […]