Very first, I’m not a big admirer of New Year’s resolutions. It appears to me we need to increase ourselves all yr, not just on January 1. Human mother nature remaining what it is, my health and fitness center will be extra than crowded in January but will skinny out […]

A surplus of posts now forecast a cloud downturn or forecast a cloud computing recession. See this one for an illustration. The selection of reporters who arrive at out to me about this subject is also expanding, despite the fact that I really do not comment on financial trends because […]

Cloud is a powerful tool, but sometimes it hard to maintain data security on the cloud. That’s because it’s also a powerful target. Cloud security is an important concern, and it’s not just limited to large companies. Small businesses can also be targeted by hackers, who often go after small […]

Observability is 1 of those concepts getting tossed about these days in the tech push and at cloud computing conferences. Everybody has a definition of what it is and how it’s applied. No two are the very same. Observability would seem to be primarily defined as the capacity to determine […]