AWS recently began offering Kubecost—a third-get together Kubernetes charge checking and administration tool—to assistance buyers rein in Company Kubernetes Service (EKS) spending. It’s an unusual stage for AWS that underscores the complexity of Kubernetes expense administration for today’s devops teams. Kubecost will allow you to observe the charges of your […]

Managing the resources available to your Pods and containers is a best practice step for Kubernetes administration. You need to prevent Pods from greedily consuming your cluster’s CPU and memory. Excess utilization by one set of Pods can cause resource contention that slows down neighboring containers and destabilizes your hosts. […]

Oracle’s MySQL Operator for Kubernetes is a convenient way to automate MySQL database provisioning within your cluster. One of the operator’s headline features is integrated hands-off backup support that increases your resiliency. Backups copy your database to external storage on a recurring schedule. This article will walk you through setting […]