Testing Confirms, Pixel 7 Good Phone With Great Camera

In case you didn’t want to take our word for it, DXOMARK has ranked the Pixel 7’s camera and display as the #1 camera and #1 display in its “High-End” category, meaning it’s the top phone in the price range of $400-$600. That’s not bad, right?

The question is, why does DXOMARK like the camera and display so much? For the camera, they say that overall photo capability is great with a score of 145 out of 152. High praise was given to the phone’s bokeh ability, too. Individual notes for the camera’s Real Tone, video capability, autofocus, and consistency were also marked. This is all stuff we could have told you. Wink, wink.

On the display side of things, readability, video, color, motion, and touch categories all come in with high grades.

Display Highlights

  • Great HDR10 video-watching experience with adapted brightness and contrast
  • Accurate screen colors for all use-cases
  • Adapted readability, especially indoors and in low-light conditions

Naturally, one of the downsides is the battery life. The phone ranks as #18 in the category, but again, we’re not surprised by that. The battery really is the phone’s only real weakness. If you want to read a bit deeper into DXOMARK’s testing, follow the link below and you’ll find additional links to its display and camera testing.

If you were looking for more reasons to buy the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, look here.


Jennifer R. Kelley

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